Vertical exterior screens


Take advantage of the benefits that vertical shades provide. Depending on the type of fabric you choose, you can protect your privacy and take advantage of looking outside while being protected from wind, heat and the sun’s glare.

The solar shades we use are available in many colours. With its micro-perforated fabric, the solar shade can absorb and reflect heat, while retaining brightness and your view to the exterior.

The vertical shades are designed with an armature for exterior use, which makes the canvas wind-resistant. The advantage of shades is that you can adjust the canvas height to your preference. To do this, the rolling/unrolling can be done manually or be motorized.


Maximus shades have two major advantages. First of all, they were developed to resist high intensity winds by means of a robust slider system. Second, they are designed in such a way that their frame/armature can be embedded into a precise space, according to your needs. The Maximus shade can thus offer you a totally enclosed space. This system with its reasonably priced remote control motor is very appreciated.


If you are looking for a less expensive model with the same type of fabric and benefits as these, shades on traditional rails are the perfect product. The fabric slides along two rods on either side of the blind. Although this system leaves a 5 cm opening on either side of the space to be covered, you can benefit from all of the features of shades on rails listed above.


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