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Car shelters

This type of temporary shelter is well known, widespread and very practical. However, certain security measures must be taken to avoid long-term troubles. Also, certain directives must be followed to make sure your shelter withstands the elements and ages gracefully.

  1. Always remove accumulations on your shelter. Excessive weight can damage the structure and loosen the fabric seams. Snow is heavier than it looks, especially when it melts.
  2. The side pressure on your shelter must be balanced. Take care to free up space on both sides of your shelter to avoid creating excessive pressure on one of the sides.
  3. It’s normal for your shelter to sway with the wind. This is why we recommend checking the tension of the wing nuts from time to time.
  4. Anchoring the shelter with the provided nails or with permanent anchors is always preferable. Restraint cables that lead to spikes in the ground ensure excellent stability. Do not use concrete blocks as in most cases, they are not sufficient for safely anchoring the shelter.
  5. When there are high winds, it is better to either open both doors to let the wind through or to close both to keep the wind and snow from entering. You must not leave only one door closed because the wind will cause a sail effect in the shelter and could cause important damages.
  6. If permanent anchors are installed in your entry, make sure to lubricate the studs each spring and fall to prevent rust. Do not over tighten the screws.
  7. Finally, at removal, store the dried canvas in a dry place. If it needs repairs and is under guarantee, don’t hesitate to send it back to us in the spring so that the manufacturer can repair it during the summer season. If it is no longer under guarantee, we will make the repairs here at our factory.

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