Custom screen vertical awnings for outdoor patios and balconies

Vertical awnings

Designed for exterior use the vertical awnings are customized to fit either patios, verandas, balconies, terraces, pergolas and garage doors. They provide maximum protection against rain, sun, high winds and insects. Various types of fabrics are available to choose from but micro-perforated solar screens offer the most overall protection and resistance from the different elements. Available in many different colours solar screens can absorb and reflect heat, while retaining brightness and the view to the exterior.

The vertical awning allows the flexibility of selecting the canvas height either manually or by remote control at any time depending on the model.

Enclosed Vertical Awnings

The enclosed vertical awnings offer a totally enclosed outdoor living area and provide the highest possible protection from insects and other elements. The awning is custom fitted for the aesthetic cover box and side aluminum extrusions to perfectly complement your existing space.  Several frame colors and sizes up to 7,5 m x 3 m (25’ L x 13’ H) are available to choose from.

Traditional Vertical awnings

Traditional vertical awnings are perfect for protecting condo balconies and other areas that don’t necessarily need not be totally enclosed but offer the same protection from the elements. With the traditional model the fabric slides along two stainless steel rods on each side of the vertical awning. This system leaves an opening of about 10cm (4’’) on each side of the canopy. The maximum size possible is 580cm x 305cm (19’ H x 10’ H)


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